James prepares for Motocross race

James prepares for Motocross race

Caraline Otte, Editor

Sophomore Jesse James received his first dirt bike when he was three years old and has been riding ever since. His mom and dad both raced drag bikes, so his dad taught him how to ride dirt bikes. Jesse started racing in 2020 and his dad raced motocross until he passed away in 2021. Jesse trains at the track he has, at home, as well as Outlaw Compound MX and Swan MX. He races at Swan all year and at 3 Palms in the summer.

“Jesse has racing in his blood,” said mother Tonja James. “When Jesse said he wanted to race motocross we made sure he had everything he needed to race.”

Jesse started racing motocross competitively, in 2020, at Swan MX where he raced two different series. He was 5th Place Champion for the year in the Lone Star State Championship MX Night Series and was 12th Place Champion in the Day Series. In 2021, he raced three different series at Swan MX where he was 1st Place Champion for the Year for all three series.

“My mom is my pit crew, gate packer, mechanic, and biggest supporter,” said Jesse James. “We believe that the day you give up on your dreams is the day you give up on yourself.”

This summer, Jesse is racing a larger dirt bike and competing in two different series. He will be racing at 3 Palms MX, in Houston, in hopes of going to Glenn Helen MX Raceway in San Bernardino, California.