VASE is going to State


Francis Morell, News Writer

Art students competed in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on Saturday, Feb. 26th under the direction of art teacher Kimberly Taylor.

There were over 900 artworks entered in the 2022 VASE art competition out of 36 schools. Students who received the Highest Ratings, earning a first place rating of a “4”, which is 51-60 points on their art included a one-page written description and expression of their art along with their art piece. These Region Medalists are Anahi Borja, Lily DeLa Rosa, Tailynn Flowers, Perla Games, Milla Johansen, Keziah Knight, Kaylee Monsivais, Abigayle Morris, Phuong Nguyen, Wesley Penland, Emily Perez (Region Medalist on both arts), Jenny Ramirez, Belinda Rivera, Victor Salazar, Kendalynn Suell, Marisol Vasco, Adalynn Velazquez, and Austin Brown.

State Qualifiers include Nguyen, Knight, and Perez. In addition to her previous Congressional Award and Academic Rodeo Award, Nguyen is a three-time VASE Region medalist, a three-time VASE State Qualifying medalist, a 2021 VASE State medalist. Knight is a four-time VASE Region medalist, a three-time VASE State Qualifying medalist, and a 2020 VASE State medalist. Perez is a three-time VASE Region medalist as well.

“I can proudly say that this competition is one of the most rewarding things I have ever participated in. Not only am I able to express myself through my art, but I also get to share my passion with so many others in my school, in my area, and at the state level,” said Knight. “This year, the theme of my piece is about loving who God made you to be in a world that trains you to see all of your flaws. While doing VASE again this year, I have been able to grow to love myself and my passions more than I could ever imagine thanks to Mrs. Kimberly Taylor who always supports me and believes in me.”

VASE art students will be competing at the State competition, at San Marcos, in April.