SkillsUSA advances to State


Caraline Otte, Editor

CTE students competed at the SkillsUSA competition Saturday, Feb. 24th, in Waco, under the coaching of teachers Logan Ward, Maci Bowne, Ty Whitworth, and Misty Estridge. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry coming together to ensure the future of the workforce.

The following students competed: Aaron Lopez, Aiden Sayre, Alan Owens, Haden Hammers, Isaiah Ates, Jaden Starks, Jeffery Lowery, Jesus Morales-Carranza, Jon Walls, Jordan Clements, Karli Finch, Keilan Tuck, Logan Sexton, Milla Johansen, Rafael Macias, Ryan Austin, Sam Felipe, and William Hedricks.

Walls, Lopez, Morales-Carranza, Sayre, Ates, and Sexton earned Gold in the “Information Technology” Quiz Bowl. Sayre earned Gold in “Technical Computer Applications”. Ates and Sexton earned Gold in “Information Technology Services”. Austin, Macias, and Clements earned Gold in the “Criminal Justice” Quiz Bowl. Starks and Austin earned Bronze in “Felony Traffic Stop”. Felipe earned Gold in “P.I.N. Design”. Finch and Johansen earned Bronze in “TV Production”.

“I am so proud of these students for competing in our first SkillsUSA competition,” said audio-video teacher Logan Ward. “We learned a lot and we are bringing home some hardware.”

State-qualifying students include Gold and Silver medalists; they will compete later this spring in Corpus Christi for the State competition. March 31-April 2