Battle of the Bulldogs


Nayelly Lopez and Layton Ekwuruke

The Varsity Boys Bulldogs played against the Kilgore Bulldogs on Friday, Jan. 28th, in a District 16-4A basketball game, under the leadership of Coach Akimba Johnson.

In the first quarter, Chapel Hill had a 17-8 lead after one quarter. Senior point guard Tyson Berry three 3-pointers, four assists, and four steals totaling 24 points in the game. Juniors Keviyan Huddleston and Adrian Mumphrey scored 12 points between the two of them. Junior Ilonzo McGregor had two 3-pointers and a total of 12 points. Sophomores Cameron Kelly and Jayvin Mayfield scored a total of 15 points between the two of them. Freshman Demetrius Brisbon scored 4 points.

quote- “As a team, we already had a different mindset coming into the second half of the season,” said McGregor. “After the Cumberland win, we were just on a roll.”

In the second half, the Bulldogs held on for a 66-61 victory.

The varsity boys will play against Lindale on Tuesday, Feb. 1st in a home game.