A battle of the Bulldogs


Brianna Martin and Ginevra Cerri

The varsity football team played against the Kilgore Bulldogs on Friday, Nov. 26th, in the 3rd Round of Playoffs, which took place at Tyler’s Rose Stadium.

Freshman running back Rickey Stewart rushed for 195 yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries. Freshman quarterback Demetrius Brisbon Jr. rushed for 76 yards and two touchdowns on 15 attempts. He also threw for 88 yards.

In the first overtime, both teams attempted field goals which carried over into a second overtime. Senior running back Samari Willis scored a touchdown, leaving Kilgore a chance at a comeback. However, Jayvin Mayfield intercepted the attempted throw resulting in a 41-35 Chapel Hill victory.

“I seen the ball go up, and I knew I had to make a play on the ball to win the game,” Mayfield said. “When I caught it, I looked down at my feet and I saw they were close to the end zone, but I knew it was in.”

In the 4th Round, Chapel Hill will face off against the Little Cypress Mauriceville Bears, at Cypress’s Berry Center, on Friday, Dec. 3rd.