Bulldogs take home gold ball


After winning against Henderson High School Nov. 5th, the Bulldogs earned a spot in the playoffs and played the Vidor Pirates in Humble last night.

Freshman quarterback Demetrius Brisbon started the game with a 55-yard touchdown and led 16 carries for 240 yards as well as two touchdowns. Following a Party Rock Anthem halftime performance, the 3rd quarter began with a score of 13-0, but Vidor came back and gained some points.

In the final offensive possession, the Bulldogs punted, giving Vidor time to score again; however, senior Samari Willis intercepted and rounded out the game with a 25-20 victory.

“Playing in the playoffs, especially in the state of Texas is special,” said Coach Isaac Gutierrez. “We did what we needed to do to get the victory last week, but last week is over. Every week, the challenges become greater as long as we prepare and have a great week – no moment will be to big for our guys.”

The Bulldogs will play in Round Two of the Playoffs against Brazosport at Randall Reed Stadium in New Caney on Friday, Nov. 19th.

“Being on the varsity football team since my sophomore year has been a great experience. It has helped me grow as a person and as a football player,” said senior Brack Dyer. “I feel great about this win and coming in to Round Two with a win will make us all feel great. The better we feel, the better we will execute.”