Football starts strong


Nayelly Lopez and D'Andre Williams

Following a Thursday night shut-out with both freshman and JV teams winning against Greenville, the varsity boys travelled to T.A. “Cotton” Ford Stadium, in Greenville, and were victorious Friday, Aug. 27th.

The Bulldogs came out with a trick play in the first 6 seconds grabbing the lead right away.  Before the first half ended, quarterback Tyler Jones threw a 64-yard pass to wide-receiver Illonzo McGregor

“I could not have done it without my team and coaching staff,” said Jones. “At the end of the day, we wouldn’t have won the game without them.”

In the fourth quarter, receiver Jayvin Mayfield rounded out the game with a touchdown securing a 63-36 victory for the Bulldogs.

The varsity team will head to SFA’s campus where they will play the Livingston Lions for their second pre-district game on Friday Sept. 3rd.