UIL Bands earn Sweepstakes


Victor Salazar, News Writers

Band competed in their UIL competition on Wednesday April 21st at Bullard High School under Directors Will Ross, Joseph Hewitt, Chelsye Newland, Jaylon Stewart, and Christie Nyfeler.

For Concert, all three judges gave 1’s and all three judges gave 1’s for Sight Reading also known as ‘Sweepstakes’.

“To say I’m proud of these kids would be a massive understatement,” Ross said. “They sounded amazing today and everyday. They’ve been through a lot this year and still wanted to put in the work to earn their rating today.”

Honors Band also competed at their UIL Contest at Bullard High School on Friday, April 23rd where they earned all 1’s and ‘Sweepstakes’ from all judges .

“Something that will always stand out to me is the comment, ‘This is the best Chapel Hill band that I have ever heard’, Hewitt said. “They also said that ‘Hymnsong’ of Philip Bliss brought them to tears. I was truly humbled by all of the judges comments on how well our kids did.”