Students ‘excel’ in Microsoft certification tests


Caraline Otte, News Writer

CTE teacher Mark Kennedy certified junior high students in Office Word, Office Powerpoint, Office Expert, Office Excel, and Office Access Microsoft programs totalling 110 certifications.

Students who earned the Microsoft Office Word certification include Adysen Trout, Alejandra Chavez, Amy Casas, Andrea Lozano, Angelica Chavez, Brielle Rowan, Catherine Kirby, Christopher Lara, Clara Brown, David Doan, Deshawn Waddleton, Diego Lopez, Elexia Janelle Calico, Elizabeth Michel, Ella Walton, Haley Vasquez, Iris Leonardo, Isabela Lozano, Jaborian Cook, Jaelyn Sandoval, Jared Martinez, Jasmine Allen, Jayden Fuller, Jessica Gaitin-Zavala, Jonah Harden, Jonah Riordan, Jonathan Rivera, Jordan Rodriguez, Jordan Mead, Jose Guillen, Joseph Jaramillio, Jukeysten Campbell, Katelynn Sparks, Katie Westerman, Kaylie Flores, Kendyl Riordan, Kerra Moore-Eubanks, Maria Salazar, Martin Martinez, Miranda Perez, Nestor Flores-Romo, Omar Torrescano, Ricardo Santos, Roman Baldivinos, Ronald Nelson, Roxanne Mayfield, Selena Sosa, Skye Figueroa, Tricoria Phillips, and Valorie Chavez, 

Students who earned the Microsoft Office Powerpoint certification include Trout, Kirby, Brown, Lopez, Walton, Emmanuel Valencia, Harden, Campbell, Westerman, Flores, Moore-Eubanks, Flores-Romo, Torrescano, Steven McClendon, and Yaretzi Campa.

Kirby received five certifications, making Catherine the first junior high student to receive all five Microsoft certifications.

“This year the students were more dedicated than ever before,” Kennedy said. They achieved even more than I thought they were capable of. Once a few get certified, it motivates the others. Some of them have even received 3 or 4 and even a record 5 certifications already. This is something they can take with them to college or the business world. It makes a statement on their resume and puts them ahead of the pack.”