Theatre wins medals at district


Francis Morell, Fine Arts Writer

The One Act Play district competition was hosted on Friday, March 5th in the Terri-Procell Bowen Auditorium with seven different schools in the district competing against each other.

Chapel Hill put on “Still Life with Iris”, a story about ‘Iris’ who was played by Katie Grace Ibarra and lives in Nocturno; she is stolen by the ‘Great Goods’ who was played by Millicent Ezeigwe and George “Trey” Hudson. ‘Iris’ escapes from the ‘Goods’ with the button that holds the memory of her true home and from the help of and her friends ‘Mozart’ and ‘Annabel Lee’ who were played by Francis Morell and Maddie Williams respectively as well as ‘Mister Matternot’ who was played by Brady Bagwell. Last year OAP did the same show at district, but were unable to continue to bi-district due to COVID-19.

Ibarra and Bagwell were awarded Honorable Mention medals, and Ezeigwe received an All-Star Cast medal.

“I worked really hard for my medal,” Bagwell said . “I’m proud of everyone who worked on the show and how much we have grown together as a family.”

OAP will be offering a public performance of “Still Life with Iris” Thursday, April 29th at the Terri-Procell Bowen Auditorium.