VASE students place at State


Karla Ortiz, Fine Arts Writer

The Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) Regional Competition was virtual this year where students were able to obtain 20 points for writing about art and 40 points for their artwork. If they received 51-60 points, they received a region medal and a score of 4, which is the highest rating. 20 artworks from the district received a score of 4 including students Ester Morales, Leslie Vasquez, Emily Perez Rose, Keilah Knight, Phuong Nguyen, Abby Morris, Yeini Rivera, Victor Salazar, Taylor Soto, Keziah Knight, Jenny Ramirez, Jaylie Eubanks, and Emily Marmon.

Eight students obtained the next highest score which is a 3 under the direction of art teacher, Kimberly Taylor.

“It was a great experience doing VASE for two years in row and getting a 3 both years,” student Monica Garcia said. “It is sad that because of the pandemic we couldn’t be with the judges and get their thoughts in person though.”

Four of the art pieces qualified as State Medalists and moved on to the State Competition which was held on Saturday, April 24th.

VASE began with nearly 36,000 artworks before dropping to 1,203 State Medaling artworks. These pieces were judged by qualified nation-wide art professionals around the United States where senior Keilah Knight and freshman Phuong Nguyen represented Chapel Hill at the State level. Students had to receive a 17 out of 20 points on their artwork combined with a one page written work about their personal expression, originality and technique of their art.

Knight is a six-time VASE Region Medalist, a three-time VASE State Qualifying Medalist, and now a 2021 VASE State Medalist for her watercolor art titled, “I Am Me”.

Nguyen is a two-time VASE Region Medalist, a two-time VASE State Qualifying Medalist, and now a 2021 VASE State Medalist for her charcoal art titled, “Sleepy” and her art titled, “Homeland” resembling her grandmother which received a 2nd place rating at State.

In addition, Kezaih Knight received a 2nd place rating at the 2021 VASE State Art competition for her clay sculpture titled, “Silence and Broken”. She is a four-time VASE Region Medalist, a two-time VASE State Qualifying Medalist, and a 2020 VASE State Medalist.

“I was so happy we were able to have VASE Art competition this year even though it was virtual,” said Taylor. “Every year, I am amazed at what they can creatively produce as well as their meaningful words in their written expressions about their art. Some of their writings about their art bring me to tears. With that said, I am very proud of all my VASE participants, because they worked so hard and put in numerous hours on their original art pieces.”