Pre-District teams place in UIL


Abby Freeman, Academics Writer

The UIL Hallsville virtual practice meet began Saturday, Feb. 13th. Due to the snow and students being out, entries were accepted through Monday, Feb. 22nd. Most events had up to 40 and 60 entries from surrounding high schools.

In Current Issues and Events, coached by Haleigh Littleton, Isai Morales placed 7th and Blaine Laughlin placed 33rd. Literary Criticism, coached by Virginia Foster, Katherine Adams placed 9th, Sydney McKnight placed 23rd, Katie Grace Ibarra placed 26th, and Hyland Woods placed 29th. In Social Studies, coached by Mosier, Alissandra Mendoza placed 8th, Imani Muse placed 12th, Xochitl Hernandez placed 17th, Frances Adams placed 22nd, and Edgar Guiterez placed 23rd. In Spelling, coached by Lori Center, Caraline Otte placed 18th, Matthew Ball placed 22nd, and Isaian Gama placed 23rd. Journalism events, coached by Jessica Otte, included News Writing, Feature Writing where Adams 4th place, Editorial Writing where Adams placed 6th, Copy Editing, and Headline Writing where Adams placed 3rd.

“I’m honored to have participated in the UIL current events comp,” Morales said. “I was nervous and unsure about competing this year. I’m proud to have placed 7th among the exceptional competition. I could not have done this without Mrs. Littleton’s encouragement.”

UIL Academics will compete in the District Meet at Spring Hill High School on Wednesday, March 24th under the direction of UIL Coordinator Robert Walsh.