CTE student certified in Cosmetology


Vivian Tavarez, Editor in Chief

CTE student and senior Ester Morales Carranza passed her practical exam, on Thursday, Jan. 28th, and is now a licensed cosmetologist under the direction of teacher LeighAnn Crump.

She is the first student in the history of Chapel Hill to be a cosmetologist who is still attending high school classes as a senior in the Class of 2021. Ester also holds the highest exam scores record for all previous Chapel Hill Cosmetologists.

She started in the CTE cosmetology program with intro teacher Lori Center as a freshman. To be a licensed cosmetologist, Texas requires that high school students complete a 1,000 hour curriculum, pass a written and practical exam. Ester continued on with Crump for her advanced courses.

“I met her as a sophomore and over the years, she has impressed me with her hard work and determination to become a licensed cosmetologist,” Crump said. “I am very proud of Ester and know she will be very successful in her career and elevate the cosmetology profession.”

Jessica Aguirre, Lola Aparicio, Candice Bowens, Alondra Ortega, Esmeralda Palacios, Kinsey Ponder, and Desmond Vaughn are on track to complete their hours by Spring Break. They will take their written test through PSI Exams in Tyler, and the practical exam will be over Zoom. All cosmetology seniors are set to be licensed before their graduation.