Students join career workshop


Erik Padron, News Writer

CTE introductory and commercial photography students joined in on today’s live Zoom workshop with speaker and author, Daniel Sediqqui for “Students Working with Purpose”. His newly released book is titled “Going the Extra Mile” where he was inspired to explore America’s diverse circumstances by embracing the many challenges communities face.

In the Region 7 hosted workshop, Sediqqui gave tips and suggestions on how students can plan to join the workforce. The students listened to him speak on his journey where he traveled 50 states trying his hand at 50 different types of jobs. The workshop included a Q&A portion at the end of the presentation where he answered personal questions about his work experiences.

“I think the workshop was really good because the speaker talked about opportunities and realities that a lot of students don’t think of when it comes to career exploration”, said photography teacher Jessica Otte. “I hope they were able to take something away from it.”

Photography students will finish out the semester working on Photoshop assignments as they plan to explore careers in the field after they return from the holiday break.