OAP ‘Puffs’ out fall play


Francis Morell, Fine Arts Writer

The 2020 fall show by the One Act Play (OAP) theatre department was held at the Terri Procell-Bowen Auditorium Friday, Oct. 30th through Sunday, Nov. 1st. The show is “Puffs” by Matt Cox, a Harry Potter comedy. The show follows the story of the inferior house that is the Puffs and their seven eventful years at the wizarding school of magic.

The cast of the show includes Taylor Hewett as the Narrator, Brady Bagwell as Wayne Hopkins, Manuel Greenlee as Oliver Rivers, Katie Grace Ibarra as Megan Jones, Maddie Williams as Ernie Mac, Logan Deck as Uncle Dave, Alexis Budynkiewicz as Leanne, Ryan Austin as J. Finch Fletchley, Elizabeth Alexander as Xavia Jones, Kinsey Ponder as Sally Perks, Eliana Barraza as Suzie Bones, and Francis Morell as Cedric and Mr. Voldy. Williams, Deck, Budynkiewicz, Austin, Alexander, Ponder, and Barraza also played multiple roles throughout.

“I’m really proud of them this year,” said Healey. ” They’ve worked hard since August and it really shows in the final product.”

OAP will have their first UIL District competition in the spring semester of 2021.