Bulldogs move on to Round Two


Jahade' Adams, Sports Writer

The Bulldogs were victorious against the Livingston Lions in their New Caney playoff game on Saturday, Nov. 14th under the coaching of Athletic Director Jeffery Riordan.

Cameron Ford, along with Ilonzo McGregor and Kevin Brooks, knocked off Livingston 49-37 in the first round of the playoffs with their Bulldog teammates. Despite being down at the half, they started making plays and defense took control of the Lions with a punch snap. McGregor changed the direction of the game when he took the ball from Livingston.

“I’m just happy for our kids”, said Riordan. “They definitely responded to adversity the right way”.

Round Two’s playoff game will be held at Randall Reed Stadium in New Caney again. Chapel Hill will face off against Stafford on Saturday, Nov. 21st at 6 pm.