Motocross makes their mark


Amia Phillips, Student Life Writer

Juniors Cody Combs and Logan Warren started competing with Motocross five years ago. They both saved money to purchase their own dirt bikes in addition to being sponsored by Honda of Tyler.

Combs rode at the Swan MX Texas State Championships on Saturday, Nov. 7th where he won 2nd Place in his first race and 4th Place in his second race.

“There has been a long road of ups and downs, but this sport has taught me and Logan to never give up”, said Combs. “When you’re down, you have to get back on the bike and go chase down the guy in front of you. Even though there have been injuries, we both got back on the bike every time.”

Warren and Combs will compete in the Hoosier Arena Cross Championship which will be held in Mesquite on Saturday, Jan. 30th.