Twirlers advance to State


Karla Ortiz, Fine Arts Writer

The Region 21 UIL Twirling Competition was held at Bullard High School on Wednesday, Nov. 11th. Twirlers include Captain and Feature Twirler Katherine Adams as well as freshman Paisly Baxter and sophomore Caiden Ashley.

The Trio ensemble scored a 1st Division rating and advanced to State. Adams also individually scored a 1st Division and advanced to State. Baxter and Ashley scored a 2nd Division rating on their solos.

“I’m really excited to compete at State again. The other twirlers and I have really worked hard this year and improved,” said Adams. “We’re excited and ready to showcase that again this spring.”

Following their spring competitions, the twirlers will travel to Austin to compete at the State Twirling Solo and Ensemble competition in May.