Freshman boys beat Mabank


Jahade' Adams, Sports Writer

The Freshman Bulldogs won in a shut-out game against Mabank on Thursday, Oct. 22nd. Running back Quinton Greenlee scored consecutive touchdowns after hand-offs from Quarterback Connor Griffin in the first half. Offensive Lineman Kendall Allen recovered a fumble in the redzone keeping the ball from the Panthers. Receiver Jayvin Mayfield caught a 30-yard reception resulting in a 1st down in the 2nd quarter.

Daveon Ross scored the final touchdown in the 3rd quarter by running through and over Mabank’s defense. They won the game with a final score of 20-0.

“It made me feel good to get two touchdowns because I had not scored in the last three games”, said Greenlee. “We could not do this without everybody doing their part though”.

Following Bye Week, the freshman boys will play their final game of the season at Henderson as they face off against the Lions on Thursday, Nov. 5th.