Tennis concludes fall season


Evelyn Cornelio, Sports Writer

The tennis team competed at Kilgore High School under the direction of Alex Carr on Monday, Oct 19th.

Tennis players include Ricardo Grimaldo, Emanuel Lopez, Nick Duran, Makenzie Yarborough, JP Wheeler, Jyo Robles, Blaine Laughlin, John Kennedy, Ruby Sandoval, Diana Aguirre, Andres Martínez, Elexy Gomez, Erik Padron, Gisella Galarza, Sharon Escobar, Morgan Dover, Hugh Mauritho, Jesus Perez, and Judith Martínez.

Out of 10 total matches Gomez won 3 matches while Kennedy, Stewart, and Wheeler all won one match each.

“We gave our best effort,” said Padron. “What made it more important about this game was that it brought us together as a team, and we learned what we have to work on more.”

This wraps up the fall season for the tennis team until they resume in the spring.