TAFE supports Buddy Walk


Kymberli Cerda, CTE Writer

‘Texas Association of Future Educators’ students participated in the East Texas Buddy Walk with sponsor Lori Center. It was held on Sunday, Oct 11th via the East Texas Town Syndrome Group.

TAFE members volunteered so they could help support fellow Chapel Hill Junior High student Claire Godbold. The organization decided to give Godblod the opportunity to serve as the Ambassador this year for the 2020 Buddy Walk.

Since 1995, The Buddy Walk has served to raise awareness and funds for local Down Syndrome programs and initiatives. This year, the East Texas walk took place from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Starbrite Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Whitehouse.

TAFE members were helping set up games and tents in addition to decorating for the event. They also assisted in guiding the families on where to go. The students had an opportunity to play with the kids while supporting Claire.

“I’m so proud of these students,” said Center. “I’m blessed to be part of an organization that wants to serve their community. ”

TAFE members will compete online, this year, for their annual Regional contest which will be held in November.