Creative drill team calendar solution to raise funds


Karla Ortiz, Fine Arts Writer

In place of the traditional annual Hat Sponsorship Drive, the Highlighter Drill Team is implementing a new fundraiser for the month of October. It will be a ‘pick your day’ to donate fundraiser ran by the drill team members.

“Be on the look out for current Highlighters to post on their personal social media accounts,” said Drill Team Director Katie Hewitt. “This fundraiser will run through Saturday, Oct. 31st.

Each day chosen will be matched for that day of the week, dollar for day. For example, if a person would like to donate for the 5th of October they would give $5 to the drill team.

“This fundraiser is really good because we didn’t get to have our summer fundraiser due to COVID,” said Junior Lieutenant Caraline Otte. “I am very excited because this is a new fun way to get donations.”

The Highlighters will also have their second annual “Lincoln Driven to Give” fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 17th. It will be a virtual fundraiser via Zoom this year.