Seniors sworn into U.S. Army


Mayra Angon, News Writer

The Army enlistment oath  took place on Wednesday, Feb 26th in the Terri-Procell Bowen Theater. The ceremony was conducted via the colonel station on the International Space Station

Kassidy Mumphrey, Katelynn Garcia, Samantha Soledad, Andres Cruz, and Ianhiram Anguiano were sworn into the U.S. Army by U.S. Army Colonel and NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan. This was the first Oath of Enlistment event ever administered In-Flight. A group of 800 recruits were sworn in across the country while the ceremony was streamed live on NASA TV to high schools and recruiting venues across the United States.

“I feel nervous but excited about what’s going to come next,” said Cruz. I’m eager for this experience.”

Recruits will start boot camp during the summer of 2020 and will be eligible for full scholarships upon completion of their duty.