Choir comes around in Round Two

Choir comes around in Round Two

Lizbeth Hernandez , News Editor

Choir students competed in the Pre-Area round of the All-State Choir Competition at Lufkin High School on Tuesday, Nov. 19th under the leadership of Director Robert Boren. For Pre-Area, if they are among one of the top 8 singers for each voice type, they will advance to the third and final round of the Area Competition. 

Khaiya Drawhorn, Jo-Kovin Campbell, Kristian Harris, Kendale Johnson, Ruben Renteria, and Anaylin Zuniga all competed. Harris earned a 7th chair spot in bass, Johnson earned 4th chair in bass, and Renteria earned a 1st chair spot in tenor all advancing to Area. In addition, Zuniga and Campbell where named alternates for Area.

“I am very thankful for this opportunity,” said Johnson. “I still have much room for improvement, but my success will not stop here. I plan on buckling down for Area to make into the All-State choir.”

Choir competitors will travel to Carthage High School in January in hopes of making the All-State Choir where they will perform in the spring.