UIL medals at meet

UIL medals at meet

Mayra Angon, Academics Writer

Academic UIL students competed at the Whitehouse practice meet on Saturday, Nov. 9th with coaches Haleigh Littleton, Robert Walsh, Virginia Foster, Elizabeth Godden, and Lori Center.

Jeffrey Reazin competed in Math and Science. Pi-Cheng Wu competed in Number Sense, Math, and Science. Vivian Tavarez and Natalie Martinez Robles competed in Current Issues and Events. Bryleigh Bonnett and Xochitl Hernandez competed in Social Studies and Current Events. Spelling competitors were John Troxell, Hyland Wood, Isaian Gama, and Sydney McKnight. Woods and McKnight also competed in Literary Criticism.

Tavarez, medaled in Current Issues and Events for 6th place with the help of Littleton who is her coach.

“It was unexpected,” said Tavarez. “I could not have done it without Mrs. Littleton.”

Academic UIL students are scheduled to compete at the Cartage practice meet on Saturday, Dec 7th in preparation for the District season in the spring.