Top 25% seniors honored

Top 25% seniors honored

Mayra Angon, Academics Writer

Select seniors were invited to visit the University of Texas at Tyler on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd to celebrate their academic achievements.

Top 25% seniors included Adam Aburayan, Katherine Alvarez, Brittany Andersen, Elida Barron, Derick Beard, Victoria Bell, Elrick Bignell, Alicia Bishop, Austin Blevins, Jade Boney, Micayla Branin, Lourdes Bustos Lorenzo, Katelynn Carter, Jaqueline Cerda Lopez, Alexa Chavez, Anthony Chavez, Shelbee Denson, Ryan Elliott, Ittzell Fernandez, Kadreuna Fields, Alexa Fleming, Katelynn Garcia, Trenton Granberry, Kaela Greenlee, Khalan Griffin, Habana Guerra, Katherine Harris, Anna Harris, Jeremy Hedricks, Destiny Hernandez, Julia Ibarra, Brady Johnston, Chance King, Adrian Lacy, Tristan Larsen, Hailee Latimer, Stacey Leon, Nicolas Livingston, Brittley Maddox, Sidney McElroy, Alexander Minor, Kassidy Mumphrey, Yesenia Ortega Acosta, Natalya Overshown, Madison Parker Griffin, Roni Railsback, Macy Rakestraw, Ruben Renteria, Azucena Reyes Martines, Jacob Roberts, Glenn Smith, Samantha Soledad, John Sparks, Jesus Torres, Jenea Travier, Tori Tucker, Nancy Valdez, Holly Walton, Chole Williams, Robert Wilt, and Jesse Zavala.

“We’re all fighting for scholarships, but this is a place we can actually rely on, said Wilt. “They don’t have to be trying to go out of state and getting all these random scholarships there’s a place they can go.”

Seniors spent the day playing games at the new Patriot Plaza and touring facilities. They also attended a lecture given by President of UTTyler, Dr. Michael Tidwell.

“It does a great deal on behalf of these children,” said Tidwell. “It really re-affirms their success over the last 3+ years of high school and gives them the confidence that they can compete at a major university. So we are really glad to be able to send that message to them today.”

These seniors have been offered automatic admission into UTTyler for the fall of 2020 and they will be recognized at the Academic Awards assembly next spring if they qualify for scholarship opportunities.