ASL participates in Day of Silence


Karla Ortiz, News Writer

American Sign Language (ASL) is a new course offered here at Chapel Hill taught by Rebecca Rogers. It is listed as a foreign language that uses body movement and facial expressions to communicate without voice. Students are learning basic conversational signs so they can communicate with each other and the Deaf Community. With this local community growing, ASL is a very necessary and sought-after job skill.

“I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to share the language I love with so many young people who can make the world a more inclusive place,” said Rogers. “It is especially rewarding to offer this class to students in a district where this opportunity had not been presented before.”

On Wednesday, Oct. 2nd  ASL classes will be observing “A Day of Silence”.  ASL students will be expected to go all day with little to no talking. They will only be allowed to talk during passing periods, lunch, athletics, choir, theater, or any class that requires them to use their voice. Only if an adult asks them a direct question, will they be allowed to verbally answer. If other students talk to them, they can write their responses. This will teach young people to learn how important shared language is so they can see the struggle that deaf people go through every day.

“I am hoping they’ll appreciate the ability to easily communicate with others when the day is done,” said Rogers.