Tennis makes a comeback


Kaylan Helms, Sports Writer

This is first year of Fall Tennis for Chapel Hill, in nearly 40 years. It is typically a spring seasonal sport, but Coach Robert Sampson brought it back and is winning already. Varsity Tennis teams played against Jacksonville on Tuesday, Aug. 20th where they won three matches.

Sidney McElroy and Glenn Smith won their first boys double match with a score 8-1.

“The program is rapidly improving from previous years,” said Smith. “I’m looking forward to evenly matched tournaments in the future. Whether or not we win it all, it will be worth our while.”

Varsity Tennis also played in the Henderson High School Meet on Thursday, Sept. 12th. McKenzie Ibarra and Roni Railsback won their match in overtime. Railsback also won her singles match.

“It felt good to win after losing our first match because we came back and won the set,” said Ibarra. “Adding the fall season has helped to grow our tennis program.”

Vicente Mendez won in singles and in doubles with Gabaiel Galarza. Adam Aburayan won in singles and in doubles with Jacob Crouch.

Players will play against Spring Hill at Tyler Junior College’s campus on Saturday, Sept. 14th, starting at 9:30 am.