Chapel Hill gives Whitehouse a run for their money


Jahade' Adams, Sports Writer

The varsity football team played against the Whitehouse Wildcats in the Battle of Lake Tyler on Friday, Sept 6 at 7:30 pm in the Rose Stadium. Even after ending halftime with a score of 10-29, the Bulldogs came back and tied in the fourth quarter with a score of 39-39 and less than two minutes on the clock.

Running back Khalen Griffin had 35 carries for 200 yards. Outside receiver Decorion Wofford had 4 catches for 59 yards. Inside receiver Ilonzo McGregor had two catches and a touchdown in the 4th quarter in hopes of keeping the game going. Whitehouse scored again forcing the Bulldogs to try for the mandatory touchdown needed to tie the game. On the 40 yard line, quarterback Kobe Coker threw to receiver Samari Willis who was unable to complete the pass on the fourth down resulting in an unexpected loss.

 “We should’ve started out better at the beginning of the game and made some changes,” said McGregor. “We should’ve came out on top.”

This game was the first time, since a win in the 2011 State year, that the Bulldogs were minutes away from beating Whitehouse.

The varsity team will travel to Argyle on Friday, Sept 13th to play against the Eagles in a pre-district game.