Early College students receive Associate Degrees

Early College students receive Associate Degrees

Rosie Vo , News Writer

Early College graduates walked the stage on May 10th at the Tyler Junior College campus with Associate’s Degrees before graduating with their high school diplomas.  They are the second group to complete the four-year program where they finish high school with two completed junior college years.

Seniors in the graduating class include Shanice Adams, Brisa Aguilar, Lindsey Andino, Dylan Ansley, N’Kima Browning, Daniel Castrejon, Jennifer Cerda, Neymi Espinoza, Omar Espinoza, Dalton Green, Giselle Hernandez Chaib, Christopher Hernandez, Thalia Johnson, Martin Mondragon, Eric Ortiz, Alejandro Ovalle, Simon Oviedo, Uriel Ponce, Marion Rico, Colton Rodgers, Citlalli Ruiz, Adriana SanJuan, Shawn Scoggins, Dylan Shacklett, Abby Soriano, Karla Soto, Anneka Stahlheber, Vanessa Tavarez, Alex Tellez, Maddie Wages.

“Other ECHS senior students fell only a few college credit hours short, but they all have 50+ college credit hours on their transcripts”, said Early College Principal Karen Bender. “They have all worked very hard and stayed the course.  Mrs. Juarez, Mrs. Line, and I are very proud of all of them”.

Early College seniors will be recognized at the senior awards assembly on Thursday, May 16th. They will also receive their high school diploma on Friday, May 24th at 7:30 pm, at TJC’s Wagstaff Gymnasium, with their entire graduating class.