Dance is kind of a big ‘DEAL’


Rosie Vo , News Writer

Chapel Hill High School hosted the DEAL dance competition (Dance Educators Assessment of Learning) on Wednesday, February 27 under the leadership of Director Katherine Hewitt.

The schools who came to compete were Robert E. Lee (Tyler I.S.D), Jacksonville, Henderson, and Kilgore.

Overall, Chapel Hill dance students received a Division I Rating in all three sections required from the competition including interview, memory and performance.

“At the beginning I was really nervous because this is my first competition in a long time.”, said dance student Yardan Gama. “Throughout the competition, I learned that the competition was not as intense as i had thought. I had so much fun participating in the competition and it was a fun experience with the rest of the dance group”.

Closed Highlighter tryouts for the 50th Line will be held in the Varsity Gym on Friday, March 22 where over 30 hopefuls will aduitions.