Art exhibited at Michelson Museum

Art exhibited at Michelson Museum

Hanna Barron, Fine Arts Writer

Art students had their pieces exhibited at the Michelson Museum of Fine Arts in Marshall, Texas. Senior Zamare’a Dunn and junior Codye Taylor work under the direction of teachers Kimberly Taylor and James Foley. Their artwork was 2 of the 40 pieces entered from East Texas schools and selected for the exhibition during the month of December. Mrs. Taylor traveled to Marshall to accept the awards on behalf of the students.

“This is so awesome and I want to congratulate our talented students”, said Principal William Houff. “I am proud of our teachers for inspiring students to reach great heights using their God-given talents”.

The awards were handed out by Congressman Louie Gohmert, after he gave a speech about supporting the Fine arts. The Official 2018 USA Congressional Holiday Ornament was awarded to students from Washington D.C. They were made of real reclaimed marble from the 2016 renovation of the U.S. Capital and designed by an artist, as a replica of the Capital’s stain glass window.

“My art showed my emotions and skills”, said Dunn. ┬áHer work will be displayed in the Fine Arts foyer for the community to view.