Powerlifters place at home meet


Mayra Angon, Sport's Writer

The powerlifting team hosted their home meet on Thursday, Feb. 7 where the boys finished 2nd place overall. Angel Barroso received 1st place in his individual 123 class. Tristen Larsen received 1st place in his 132 class and was named Outstanding Lifter in the Light Weight Platform. Alex Tellez received 7th place in  his 148 class. Marion Rico received 7th place in his 165 class.  Jackson Smith received 5th in his 242 class while Michael Sutton received 4th in his 275 class. In the 181 class Sidney McElroy received 4th place, Jamarcus Mumphrey received 5th place, and AJ McGahee received 6th place. Brayden Price also received 6th place in his 275 class. In the 220 class Adrian Lacy received 3rd place and Max Richardson received 1st place.

“It was hard work leading up to it”,  said Richardson. “But the results were good”.

Girls also competed, at the meet, in their individual classes. Cora Ashby received 4th place, Amie Nguyen received 5th place, Julia Fults received 12th place, Elena Fults received 6th place, Katelynn Garcia received 7th place, Keshona Berry received 2nd place, Haleigh Rolling received 3rd place, and Angela Daniels received 4th place.

“I want to give special thanks to the managers Carsen Railsback, Joshua Williams, and Coltin Paskey as well as all of the volunteers who helped to host the meet”, said Coach Trey Ledbetter. “It was a success because of all who were involved”.

Powerlifters will compete again in the Pine Tree meet on Saturday, Feb. 16 which will take place in Longview, Texas.