Bass Club teams ‘weigh in’ at tournament


Elizabeth Zuniga, Sports Writer

The Bass Club traveled to the Lake of the Pines early Saturday morning on Feb 9. They competed against other area schools despite the sleet, rain and cold temperatures. Although the majority of surrounding schools came up empty-handed, Chapel Hill teams were able to return to the weigh-in and cross the scales.

Carter Binning and Taylor Strange weighed in with 4.29 lbs, Glenn Smith and Max Richardson weighed in with 3.62 lbs, and Brady Johnston and Casey Johnston weighed in with 2.22 lbs.

“After a difficult day on the water, this was the coldest weekend that our fishing team has encountered so far”, said sponsor Joy Johnston. “I always appreciate their patience and perseverance as they continue to represent our school with dignity and pride”.

Their next tournament will be held at Lake Tyler on Saturday, March 9. The weigh-in will be held at the Marina in Whitehouse at approximately 3:30 p.m.