Students place at Academic Rodeo


Elizabeth Zuniga, Academics Writer

Academic Rodeo Results were announced Monday, Jan 7th. The art category winners included four students under the direction of art teacher, Kimberly Taylor.

Senior, Alex Tellez was the only first place 12th grade winner out of 15 East Texas schools; he entered with his original Prismacolor of Downtown Tyler. Tellez also made it to State with this piece last Spring in San Antonio. Sophomore, Nayelli Mondragon, the only first place 10th grade winner, entered an original eye in charcoal piece. Sophomore, Keilah Knight is one of the 3 Honorable Mentions in 10th grade. Knight entered an original watercolor painting of a greenhouse. Freshman, Kyndal Houff, the only first place 9th grade winner, entered her original Ink/Prismacolor piece of an illustration featuring a girl looking at a galaxy.

“I am so proud of these art students for placing”, said Taylor.  “They went up against some of the the biggest public and private schools in East Texas.”

English students submitted writing pieces through their teacher Julia Dahlgren. Asia Johnson placed 3rd in the 10th grade Writing Contest and Haleigh Sanders placed 3rd in the 12th grade Writing Contest.

Lalitha Krishnan entered students Nicole Galindo and Bailey Richardson in the Science Model Demonstration category where they received 2nd place.

“Honestly, I feel really blessed and honored to have placed 3rd”, said Johnson. “I feel like this is only the beginning of my writing experience.”

Tellez, Mondragon, and Houff qualified for a scholarship to be granted in February where they will be receiving medals in the February 2019 Academic Rodeo Ceremony.