Biology students fish for facts

Biology students fish for facts

Amia Phillips, Academics Writer

Dual Non-Majors Biology and Majors Biology classes traveled to Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, in Athens, on Nov. 1st. Teacher, Lalitha Krishnan set up the field trip as a part of their TJC Dual Credit course.  The information they learned during the day was to be used in an upcoming online discussion post.

“We learned how to identify fish by ‘fingerprinting’ on their fins and how pH affects the animals in the water,” said student Isela Rivera. “My favorite part of the trip was when they taught us how to fish. Afterward, we practiced and tested our fishing skills.”

Students tested water from local streams, ponds, aquariums, and a fishery pond to compare the difference as well as see many different species of fish.

“The recent field trip to the Texas Freshwater Fishery at Athens, TX was an amazing learning experience with a fun twist on it. The opportunity for the students to do a water quality testing lab in a real-life setting is one that I could not let slip by. They got to talk to the diver in the dive show about his job, and finally fish with their friends.”

Biology students will travel to Tyler State Park in the spring for an interactive field trip as they begin the 2nd semester of the course.