Honors graduates receive scholarships


Yeraldin Sanchez, Academics Writer

The Top 10% Luncheon was held at UT Tyler on Oct. 11th where seniors received their scholarship awards. These is an annual event where honor students are recognized for their scholastic achievemnets.  Seniors were awarded a $4,000 scholarship if they attend UT Tyler.

The couselors traveled with Daniel Castrejon, David De La Garza Quiroz, Savannah Divine, Katherine Galindo, Timothy Green, Haydee Gutierrez, David Harris, Sydney Jackson, Thalia Johnson, Kaitlyn King, Jessica King, Victoria Kinney, Katie Leon, Madison McFarland, Amie Nguyen, Simon Oviedo, Bailey Richardson, Isela Rivera, Abigail Robertson, Citlalli Ruiz, Armando Sanchez, Haliegh Sanders, Alex Tellez, and Mary Wages to the luncheon.

“I thought it was cool that I was able to breeze my way through high school and still end up on top, and that just shows what I could be capable of if I put effort into it”, said Harris. ” I can’t wait to see what opportunities arrive later on.”

Top 10% seniors would also be recognized, by invitation only, on the high school Preview Day which would be held Saturday, Nov 10th.  These students will receive a full two-year scholarship through TJC’s Honors Program.

“I am proud to say I have accomplished of one my high school goals”, said Rivera. “I worked so hard my junior year to make it to the Top 10% and it wasn’t easy. However, I made it and with a huge leap from being 42 to 18. I can accomplish what I set my mind to with hard work and true dedication.”