Maya whips it up in the Café


Eddie Jones, Co-Editor

As the oven heats to the set temperature, Maya wipes her brow. She labored over the recipe for an hour with precise detail, making sure every measurement was correct. The oven’s beep disturbs her from her thoughts and the pie is ready to bake.

Former student, Maya Reazin has been cooking since her freshman year. She took the CTE Culinary Arts classes under the direction of Chef Leslie Rasco. Since then, she said she fell in love with cooking so much that she’s pursuing it as her career. Maya currently attends Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado. She is completing her required internship here, at CTE’s Cafe’ on the Hill in order to attain her real-world experience in the culinary field.

“I feel that this internship has helped with my leadership skills in a big way.” said Reazin “I am looking forward to finishing school so that I can begin living my dream as a chef.”

Upon completion of her internship, Maya will move back to Colorado to finish her courses and receive her degree for Culinary Arts.