Rider debuts rabbit


Jocellyn Garcia, Feature Writer

As the morning sunlight pours into the school building, she immediately rushes to the classroom where her furry friend awaits her greeting. With a little hop, a fuzzy bunny pokes her head up with excitement knowing she has breakfast coming. After a few pats on her fluffy head, she is fed and comes out so she can begin her day of grooming and hopping and playing.

Student, Jada Rider has been taking care of her Jersey Wooly show rabbit since the beginning of the school year. At the annual East Texas State Fair, on Sept. 25th, Rider showed “Ziva” in the Junior Rabbit division alongside fellow FFA members under the direction of sponsor, Kenneth Carnes.

“I offer her some water each morning, and I clean her cage” said Rider.

Rider has been learning responsibility taking care of her rabbit, in the life skills classroom. She says that Ziva loves to eat cereal.

“This is going to be the second year we’ve raised rabbits in class,” said teacher Shawna Murphy. “Last year, Jada practiced all year so she could compete. This year, we made it come true, so it’s very exciting.”

Rider plans to continue working with FFA so she can train keep showing Ziva and allowing time for her rabbit to grow in hopes of winning future ribbons.