Photo student wins scholarship

Jocellyn Garcia, CTE Writer

Jennifer Thornton, senior journalism student, has been in photography classes since her freshman year, with teacher, Jessica Otte. As a member of the Gifted and Talented program, Thornton was given the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for the 2018 Aggie Sea Camp in Galveston. Thornton wrote an essay to apply for a scholarship for the camp’s tuition, and she was accepted by the Region 7 committee.

“I was surprised that I had won,” said Thornton. “There were so many people wanting to get this chance, some of them probably more deserving.”

The camp was held at the Texas A&M University Galveston campus, where eight other people were in the photography program with her. The participants went to various local hotspots for shots, including an animal shelter, a vegetable garden, playgrounds, and a pier. Everyone’s best six photos, from the week, were sold to other campers and their parents during the last day of camp.

“I was happy to write the recommendation letter for Jennifer to earn a camp scholarship”, said photo teacher Jessica Otte. “I know that she has an eye for aesthetic photography and the summer camp offered a wonderful opportunity”.