Medical Assistants receive certification


Alyna Barrientos, Chief Editor

Students pursing the medical career took the Medical Assistant Certification exam on May 14. Only students in Medical Assisting class took the test.

The students that passed were Heather Crist, Karlea Duhon, Krystal Galaz, Jayla Jones, Miriam Rivera, Alexis Smith, Destiny Tidwell, Samantha Larsen, Breanna Finley, Angela Ibarra, and Hannah Quackenbush.

“We all worked very hard and we put time and effort into studying and we became a family throughout this process,” said Galaz, “We all appreciate and love Mrs. Palmer very much for giving us the knowledge we needed to pass”.

Upon receiving their certification, they can immediately receive a job at the hospital or clinic as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.