First Cohort graduates with Associate Degrees


Jennifer Thornton, Academics Staff Writer

Early College graduates walked the stage on May 11th at the Tyler Junior College campus with Associate’s Degrees before graduating with their high school diplomas.  They are the first group to complete the four-year program where they finish high school with two completed junior college years.

Seniors in the class include Isabel Actopan, Stephen Anderson, Haley Aparicio, Delio Avila, Adrian Berry, Benjamin Ezernack, Trenton Faulkner, Charles Edward Faulks, Avah Garcia, Emily Henry, Justin Herod, Benjamin Jauregui, Joshuah Lee, Gadiel Leon, Lauren Lewis, Priscilla Martinez, Michael Murphy, Natori Newman, Jaylin Perez, Michael Perkins, Ignacio Pineda, Hannah Quackenbush, Felipe Ramirez, Ashley Robles, Carson Rudd, Maliyah Sellers, Alexis Smith, Jazmyn Starks, Jose Tamayo, Angela Torres, Marisol Valdez, Diana Valencia, and Ashlinn Vega.

“Taking the Early College program helped me make connections with new people,” Murphy said. “I got to meet college professors who inspired me to continue my education and live the way I choose.”

Faulks, Herod, Leon, Martinez, Jauregui, Murphy, Perez, Quackenbush, Robles, Rudd, Smith, Torres, and Valencia all received an Associate degree. Jauregui will be receiving a degree in General Studies and a degree in Automotive Mechanics upon graduation, the only person in the program to be receiving two.

“Getting my degree earlier than most will give me an advantage in the real world,” Herod said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me.”

Early College seniors will be recognized at the senior awards assembly on Thursday, May 17th. They will also receive their high school diploma on Friday, May 25th at 7 pm, at TJC’s Wagstaff Gymnasium, with their entire graduating class.