Special Education participates in 2nd annual field day


Destiny Tidwell, Student Life Writer

The District hosted their annual Life Skills Olympic themed Field Day on Friday, April 27 at the high school football stadium. Life Skills students gathered from Wise, Kissam, Jackson, the middle school and the high school.

Ready Set Teach volunteers and various students helped facilitate the activities and events along with faculty and staff. Activities included  tug-of-war, tricycle races, parachute, hula-hooping, a pizza box race and water wars.

” The kids really enjoyed snow cones and cotton candy that was provided by CTE”, said teacher Julie Westerman.

“My favorite part was squirting water at Ms.Lawson”, said student Madison Rawls.

This field day was accomplished with the help of 80 high school and middle school students and an attendance of more than 75 special education students.

According to Life Skills teacher, Tina Lawson, the district intends to continue the event for upcoming years.