Classes held at Caldwell


Vanessa Gonzalez, Fine Arts Writer

Academic groups traveled to Caldwell Zoo on Wednesday, April 25th. These classes included agriculture, floral design, biology, and sculpture.

The classes attended the zoo for several different academic purposes. The advanced Animal Science and Vet Medical classes got an exclusive behind the scenes tour on how food is prepared and distributed to the animals. The Sculpture I and II classes got up close with the animals to later draw them.

“I enjoyed visiting the zoo and getting to sketch real life animals instead of just looking at a photo” said, senior, Makayla Clements.

Dual Credit Biology classes went to complete a required project and to fill in questions from their lab books. The questions were about zoo maintenance, precautions, and how they preserve the wildlife.

“I had a great time learning about how the zoo operates and it was a very fun and rewarding trip with Mrs. Krishnan and all of my classmates.” said, Kristy McGaughey

The teachers of these classes were Kenneth Carnes who is the Vet Medical teacher, Kimberly Taylor is the Sculpture teacher, and Lalitha Krishnan is the Biology teacher.