Choir places at Sight Reading


Mirna Zolorzano, Fine Arts Writer

The varsity choir and director Vincent Flieder traveled to Carthage on April, 18 to participate in the annual sight reading contest.

Students who take part in sight reading have to read a sheet of assigned notes that are to be said in beat before performing the scale.

Varsity choir members include Denisha Craig, Eddie Jones, Caleb Otte, Kendale Johnson, Karissa Gibson, Mariah Higginbotham, Taylor Strange, Andrea Scott, Samantha Sibal, Tyra Moe, Valencia Miles.

The choir made scored straight twos from all three judges for their stage performance as well as straight threes for their sight reading skills.

Flieder will take advancing students to the State Solo and Ensemble Contest on May 27th in Phlugerville.