Agricultural Fabrications course grows


Jessica Otte, Advisor

Teacher, David Woods announced that Welding Technology has been approved for the second and third level classes to be dual-credit through Tyler Junior College expanding the program for next year. It is a hands-on course where students learn shop safety, how to weld, running welding shop equipment, and how to fabricate anything with precision and produce a well made product.

Part of the shop safety curriculum requires all students to go through a ten-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Construction Safety Course which consists of recognizing safety hazards in the work place, how to properly use equipment, and the rights of a working citizen.

“The OSHA safety course was a long process but, it was well worth it to know that my certification will never expire and to feel educated in this field of work”, said FFA member Kaitlyn King.

The CTE program is currently working on projects including trailers, barbecue pits/grills, furniture, and go-karts. These projects will be going to the Smith County Junior Livestock Show to be judged and sold at auction. Students have to draw out a diagram of what they are fabricating and calculate cost to build and time allowed to properly put the build together. Students who are not working on a project are growing their skills on their equipment of choice: improving their stick welding as well as their gas metal arc welding.

“Our welding program is in a period of growth and change”, said Woods. “Our expectation is that students will develop the skills to earn American Welding Society (AWS) and American Petrolium Institute (API) certifications”.


On April 14, seniors will be competing in an exclusive welding contest where they could win full-ride scholarships.