Student receives softball scholarship


Stephania Andersen, Sports Writer

On December 8th, senior Hannah Mayfield signed to a $10,000 softball scholarship to Williams Baptist College, located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

“Having been made several offers, I felt like God was leading me to Williams Baptist”, said Mayfield

Freshman orientation begins in Walnut Ridge in early August where she will attend with her best friend, senior Kristy McGaughey.

“I am so thankful to have the strong support team of coaches, family, and friends who pushed me farther than I thought I’d ever go”, said Mayfield. “I never thought they’d really let me into college.”

Mayfield is set to attend Williams Baptist College in the fall for two years before deciding if she will complete her degree there or back home where she will also work on her Master’s to become a nurse practitioner in Womens’ Health.