Students medal at Whitehouse UIL meet


Kristy McGaughey, Academic Staff Writer

On January 20th, students competed in the UIL Academics at Whitehouse High school. Computer Science, Numbers Sense, Science, Copy Editing, Headline, Debate, Informative Speaking, Social Studies, News Writing, Feature Writing, Literary Criticism, Poetry Interpretation, Current Issues and Events, Spelling, Writing, and Math events were represented at the competition.

Mayra Vasquez, Alyna Barrientos, MaKayla Clements, Jazmyn Starks, Madi Gore, Caleb Otte, Adely Zavala, Payton Wages, Hope Shumake,Taylor Rasco, Jared Carter, Haleigh Sanders, and Ezra Patterson all received medals in their events.

” I had a really fun time competing at the UIL meet,” said Clements, “I like going to invitationals because it prepares me for Districts.”

Carter placed in 6th in Computer Science and Sanders placed 3rd in Literary Criticism. Wages and Shumake placed 4th in Cross Examination Debate. Wages also received 3rd place in Persuasive speaking. Patterson placed 3rd in Science, Otte placed 4th in Headline, 5th in Spelling and 6th in Editorial Writing. Barrientos placed 6th in Copy Editing. Vasquez placed 6th in News Writing, and Clements placed 1st in Copy.

“I was very surprised to win even one medal, especially three, but I am glad my effort paid off,” said Otte. “There’s still a lot of work to be done to medal at the next meet. I can’t wait to see what my teammates and I can pull off next time”.

UIL coordinator, Amanda Adair has set up a mock meet to be held at the high school on February 24th.