Artwork exhibited at SFA


Vanessa Gonzalez, Fine Arts Writer

Senior, Caleb Otte’s “Bird of Paradise” PrismaColor artwork was selected to be exhibited at Stephen F. Austin’s Griffith Art Gallery for the 2017 Congressional Contest. The ceremony took place Saturday, December 3rd. The exhibit selected 42 works of art from the surrounding private and public schools in the East Texas area in hopes of being the one piece selected to go to Washington DC.  SFA Art Director, Christopher Talbot said it is an honor for any students’ work to be selected into the exhibit, since many entries were not selected.

“I was really shocked to hear that my artwork was being displayed”, said Otte. “I’m very honored to have been selected, it means a lot.”

Congressman, Louie Gohmert, observed Otte’s artwork and complimented the detail of the highly textured style of the parrot. Gohmert is a supporter of all Arts in Education. In honor of students selected in the SFA exhibit, Gohmert awarded the students with “Space” pens. The pen is a writing utensil designed and used by NASA which can survive the pressure of outer space.

“Mr. Dahlgren and I feel very honored to teach a young man of many creative talents”, said art teacher Kimberly Taylor.