Medical Terminology shadows hospital


Mayra Vazquez, CTE Writer

CTE health science students started clinical rotations at Trinity Mother Francis Hospital to shadow medical professionals in varies health care fields and to get a better idea of work in the health care fields.

“Students have to be juniors who have completed the first 2 years of the health science pathway,” said CTE teacher Tammie Stewart. “They go on MondayTuesday and Wednesdays of each week.”

These students tour  the emergency room, neonatal intensive care, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, MRI, CT scan, and sonography. Several floors including oncology (cancer patients), cardiac catheterization, a pediatric clinic, 4 types of intensive care units, pre-op and post-op surgery areas, laboratory, EKG, speech therapy and wound care.

Students pick from six different parts of the hospital to shadow during 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th period giving them 30-40 minutes.

“My experience working for the clinical is really great,” said junior Amie Nguyen. “We get to choose on our own and these are careers we’re interested in and we can change it up. Getting a hands on experience.”

Students intern under doctors, nurses, technicians, and technologist who explain to them what the career is and how it’s important in the health care.

“As the year progresses, we may add dentist’s offices, dermatology offices and other nearby services that interest the student,” said Stewart. “I am very thankful to the administration for allowing us to start this new program.”

In the spring, the students will switch to East Texas Medical Center which will include several patient floors, the operating room, cardiovascular, ICU, and emergency medical unit.